What People Are Saying

I don't like these, they all make me cry!! Ha ha ha... I am already running I Believe, College and Deli may be good for my children's programming. Thank you!!

Jodi Z., FOX Affiliate

THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! We need PSA's for our Telemundo Abilene channel! You just made my day! ...I know this is Foundation for a Better Life stuff and it's sure to be FABULOUS! :--)


I would like to thank you for the amazing work that you are doing. I saw one of your ads on a Thames clipper commuter boat in London and it changed my day.

Georgina, London

I just saw your beautiful advert this morning on TLC here in the UK. I was waiting for the "punchline"... but was surprised when there was nothing enticing you to spend money, in fact, just the opposite. The message seemed to be: spend time in a worthwhile appreciative valuable way. Your messages touched my soul and my heart. I will be forever sharing them on Facebook now in the hope they reach others in the way they did me. Thank you.

Lorraine, UK

Thank you for all of the work that goes into organizing and promoting the many positive values you share. As a co-chair of our school's service learning committee, I intend to share the many resources available via [Passiton.com] and will encourage teachers to integrate the videos, printables, and other items to use in our lessons. Wonderful resource!! (The videos often bring tears to my eyes.... in a good way, of course.) Well done!


Greetings, I LOVE your movement. I started to say advertisement or commercial, but it is actually a movement. In this world filled with chaos and evil, your promotion of love, tolerance and acceptance have been much appreciated by me. I read the background history on your organization and I think it is wonderful that the air time has been given to you at no cost. Thank you all for what you do. I will continue to strive to do my part in my corner of the world. Keep up the good work!


I've recently started watching Qubo and spotted a few of your ads lately. I'd never heard of you before now. I could not help but swing by your page to let you know just how much my family and I love, love, and I do mean absolutely LOVE what you guys are doing! Reinforcing the right messages is so much better than telling people what (not) to do. I just dropped by to say GREAT job; keep it up. Our family LOVES what you're doing!


Doggone, you folks. I am a jaded 62 year old guy, and that "Special Athlete" spot has me crying. Wonderful message. I seem to recall a true story of Special Olympics athletes helping each other so everyone wins. As Bobby Kennedy said, "Some people see things as they are; I see things as they could be and ask, 'Why not?'" It seems we have lost the, "Why not?" Thank you for renewing my faith in people.


I often reference [Passiton.com] videos in the bullying prevention and student mental health trainings that I deliver through our work at the Stanislaus County Office of Education. Thanks!


What you are doing is wonderful and as it continues, can't help but create a positive change in the viewpoints of people all over the world. Your work is sorely needed at this time. I don't know where you originated or who the people are who started this or work for it, but again, thank you. You are all heroes in my book!


I'm sending you a huge thank you for your wonderful web site. I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed by life lately: the economy, politics, the overall state of the world, etc... I am not sure who you are but you are doing a fine job of making the world a better place one person at a time. I have been going over the site for the past few hours with seldom a dry eye. An absolute breath of fresh air full of inspiration, hope, appreciation and love. Again, thank you. My day will be started and ended with your web site and I am looking forward to all of the benefits for others and myself. You have without a doubt made and are making the world a better place.


I just saw one of your advertisements on ION TV. It was, I think, one of the most moving ads I have ever seen! I just want to take a moment and thank all those involved in creating these advertisements, or commercials! I am 62 and feel our youth today need to see inspiring words of wisdom on TV and what a better way than through music! I look forward to my daily newsletter from you all!


I really appreciate the awe-inspiring TV, radio, theater, and billboard commercials that you put out on a periodic basis. Keep up the good work and wishing you the very best in your endeavors to bring something positive in our world.

Fr. Allen

We highly appreciate your mission and think there is a HUGE need for what you do. Thank you for keeping your organization non-secular and non-political. Keep it universal!


Your organization is the most wonderful, most uplifting endeavor that there has been...maybe ever. In an uncertain and increasingly volatile world, [Passiton.com]'s positive messages are a relief and a joy! Please continue your efforts and know that for every comment like mine, there are thousands more like-minded. Thank You!


I just wanted to say that both my wife and I have been so very moved by your television ads and the message that they portray. So much so, that it has brought tears to our eyes. Especially the one with the downs syndrome kids. That ad hit both of us right in the heart. We absolutely love your messages. We just hope and pray that others will heed your messages. And show love and compassion towards others. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for such beautiful advertisements. They sure have hit home for us.

Ryan, Canada (re: “Special Athlete” spot)

Your commercials are so inspiring! You have the best commercials on TV. Some make me cry, but for a good reason. Some make me laugh, and some make me think. It's a wonderful thing that you are doing. In these times we need values more than ever before.


Your commercial just caught my eye. I was so inspired by the message that I immediately searched your website for more information. Upon learning about your organization and the goals of your campaign I felt compelled to let you know how wonderful it is to see programs like this that promote unity, compassion, kindness, positivity and good values.