TC Report

Report Date: 07/23/24

Advertiser: The Foundation for a Better Life
Brand: PSA
Language: English
Report Date: 07/23/24

Title SD/HD ISCI Length TC-NUM Expires
Life's A Dance HD FZAA1558H :60 TKLFT6TL-G/PN/HD 4/30/2026
Life's A Dance HD FZAA1559H :30 TL8T66HF-G/PN/HD 4/30/2026
Better Together HD FZAA1554H :60 TTZ04X56-G/PN/HD 3/19/2026
Better Together HD FZAA1555H :30 T7K3LQQJ-G/PN/HD 3/19/2026
Train HD FZAA1556H :60 TC7OESL2-G/PN/HD 3/05/2026
Train HD FZAA1557H :30 T2QF7K3Z-G/PN/HD 3/05/2026
Be A Light HD FZAA1552H :60 TEXDZ5W9-G/P/HD 1/07/2026
Be A Light HD FZAA1553H :30 TSBXQUXD-G/P/HD 1/07/2026
Kindness HD FZAA1546H :60 TTVKD3NM-G/P/HD 10/30/2026
Kindness HD FZAA1547H :30 TVNQ3LN8-G/P/HD 10/30/2026
Concert HD FZAA1563H :20 T8A1ONSJ-G/PN/HD 1/01/2099
Pinata HD FZAA1562H :20 T0V9E8GL-G/PN/HD 1/01/2099
Taxi HD FZAA1561H :20 T594EGAE-G/PN/HD 1/01/2099
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